Project Lucas

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How did Project Lucas Begin?

While Scott and Alisa Dishong were living in Nairobi, Kenya serving as missionaries, they felt led to adopt a baby from the Abandoned Babies Center. His name was Lucas.  While going through the adoption process, Scott and Alisa were burdened by the extreme poverty that they saw in Kenya everyday. The average Kenyan lives on less than one dollar a day. There are 1.8 million orphans in Kenya. Because of these statistics, along with God's moving and with the joy that Lucas brought them, they felt a calling to help other children that were less fortunate. As they began to research ways to help these children, they ran across a group of special young people.

Here is their story:

in 2001, 15 young adults in Kenya (about 20 minutes outside of Nairobi) came together to form a group called "F.O.C.U.S.". It stands for "Families, Orphans, and Children Under Stress." All of these young people were unemployed. Unemployment is a serious problem in Kenya, with 87% of the population unemployed. Rather that just lying around and doing nothing, these young people formed a music/drama group.Their message was abstinence and HIV/AIDS prevention. They performed in open-air crusades, churches, and conferences. They decided to take a portion of the money they earned to help children in their community that had been affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2002 they opened a center that would feed, clothe, assist in education, and give Godly instruction to children who were orphaned to HIV/AIDS. These children's parents have died from AIDS. All of them live with family members who do not want them or elderly grandparents that cannot care for them. These young people care for the children as well or better than an American could, because, as nationals, they have patience and know how to work within the culture to get results. The constant struggle for them is to meet their monetary needs.

As Alisa and Scott began to visit this center and get to know the young people, they began to fall in love with the children and young people who ran the center. They wanted to get involved and help them with this work. The more they got involved, the more they were impressed by the young people's commitment and quality of work. They began to ask themselves, "How can we help this work? Could we work with them here in Kenya and improve things? Could we raise resources for them and work with them here in Kenya?" The more research they did the more they discovered that manpower or leadership was not what FOCUS needed, but resources and a way to make others aware of the needs of these hopeless children. The constant wall that FOCUS was hitting was a lack of resources. Every month it is a struggle for them to meet their budget needs. Besides just providing for the children's needs at the center, they also do monthly home-study visits with the children's families. They also began a program for high school students who cannot afford to go to high school to train them in vocational areas such as carpentry and hair dressin. As Scott and Alisa continued to seek whether God wanted them to be involved, God overwhelmingly began to show them that they could do more good and be more effective in the work of FOCUS by equipping the nationals to do the work.

Scott and Alisa and some dedicated friends decided that God was leading them to move back to the States and start a non-profit 501c3 organization. The purpose of Project Lucas is to raise awareness to the needs and plight of the children in Kenya while also assisting in meeting their physical and spiritual needs. The many children of Kenya are hopeless; they need to not only hear the gospel, they need to see and feel the gospel.

Project Lucas’ objective is to raise the necessary funds and resources to give hope to these children affected by HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty.

We desire to expose people to the extreme poverty these children live in. The more people are aware of the problem, the more people will be able to help and change the life of a child. Lucas has taught us that we cannot change the entire world, but we can change the entire world of one child.

Project Lucas is a registered 501(c)3 organization.

We are a Christian non-profit organization that seeks to promote awareness and engage individuals worldwide to provide food, medical care, and education to orphans and children affected by poverty and HIV/AIDS.

Project Lucas is governed by a board of trustees that oversees our resources, funds and work. All donations are
tax deductible.