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After years of ministry with other local ministries in Nairobi, Project Lucas feels it is time for us to take the ministry to the next level; we are going to branch out on our own. We have started work on the Project Lucas Community Center in Ruiru, Kenya, just outside of Nairobi.

This new center is in the heart of the Ruiru community. It will be a place for us to reach out to the community. It will house the following programs:

 1. A study center for children in the community (many children can not find a safe, quiet, well-lit place to study for school)

2. Community Feeding Program
3.  Community Pre-School

4. Job Training Center for adults and teenagers,

5. Bible study for children and adults, and many other outreach programs in the community.

It is our goal for this new center to be a beacon of light to this community. We are excited and overwhelmed as we move into this new era of ministry in Kenya.

Over the next few months Project Lucas must raise $25,000 to establish this center with the proper supplies, furnishings, staff, rent, and registration fees to begin ministry in Kenya.

We strongly believe that this new center will make a major impact in Ruiru, and this major step for Project Lucas will bring us closer to our original goal and purpose.

We are committed to communicating to each of you on a monthly basis via email and social media to share with you the progress of the Community Center. Please be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram or like us on Facebook.


Click here to donate to help build this Center

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