Project Lucas

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10 for 10 Social Media Campaign

Take 10 Minutes...
To Donate 10 Dollars to Project Lucas 

To tell 10  people about Project Lucas through FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or EMAIL...

Ways to do that….

1. Write an email, Facebook message or note to ten people (or more) about your involvement with Project Lucas.

2. Update your facebook or twitter status about Project Lucas (we know this would reach more than 10 people).

Possible Status updates could be:

I just helped 45 children in Kenya get food, shelter and love today for only $10... check out

Join me to help Project Lucas feed, clothe, and minister to children in Kenya.  Only $10 goes a long way! Go to

$10 can help feed, clothe, and provide love for a child in Kenya for a week; check out this website

...OR HOWEVER YOU FEEL WOULD REACH your FB friends and twitter followers!

Will you join us in this social media campaign today?

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