Backpacks for Africa

Backpacks for Africa is Project Lucas' premiere project. It all started when our founder met a little girl named Mary who could not go to school because she lacked a simple notebook. She lacked a notebook, therefore she could not attend school for an entire term.

The purpose of Backpacks for Africa is for individuals in America to make a difference in the life of a child in Africa. A SIMPLE backpack full of school supplies can change the entire world of a child.

 The average Kenyan family makes less than two dollar a day, leaving most children unable to afford school supplies and, therefore, not able to get a quality education. Project Lucas asks individuals and groups to sponsor a backpack through Project Lucas that wil be filled with enough school supplies for each child to attend school for two years. In that backpack they will receive a list of approved school supplies that will enable Kenyan children to attend school.

You and/or your group can assist Project Lucas to ensure Kenyan children receive an education and hope for a better future.