Gifts to your Sponsorship Child

Project Lucas is going to Kenya in July to minister to our Project Lucas Center and to pass out backpacks. We would like to bless our sponsored Project Lucas kids while we are there, and would especially like to be able to present them with gifts from each of sponsors.
Below is our gift plan for this summer. We have planned some very practical and useful gifts for them this year. Instructions on how to contribute to this is at the bottom of this email.
We will present each child with the following items:
  • a Project Lucas baseball cap (hats are a necessity during the winter and the rainy season)
  • a Project Lucas tote bag for the family to use for shopping
    (plastic bags have been banned in Kenya, so reusable shopping bags are a necessity)
  • a mosquito net for their bed at home
  • a gallon size storage container for their home (we will place the gift items from below in this container)
We would also like to bring a personal gift from each of you to include:
  • a 4x6 photo of your family
  • a handwritten letter from you
  • and a couple of items from the following list of suggestions
    • matchbox cars
    • baby doll (african american dolls are loved by the girls)
    • inexpensive jewelry
    • toothbrush, toothpaste
    • soap, washcloth
    • coloring book
    • colored pencils and sharpener
    • stickers
    • jumprope
    • slap bracelets
    • nerf and/or bouncy balls
    • socks
    • noise makers
    • chalk
  • Helpful hints
    • no battery operated items
    • no liquids
    • no cash
How to contribute to the gifts this summer:
  • Scroll down to make a donation for the (ball cap, totebag and a mosiquto net)

  • Mail photo, letter and gifts NO LATER THAN July 1 to:
    • Atlantic Shores Baptist Church
    • ATTN: Project Lucas
    • 1861 Kempsville Road
    • Virginia Beach VA 23464

  • If you can't mail the photo and letter in time you can scan and email them by July 9 to:
  • If you are unable to shop for the gifts but would like to send something to your sponsored child, you can make a donation on the link above and we will have someone locally shop for your child.


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