High School Scholarship

In Kenya, although elementry school is free, attending High School is not. Many families can't afford to send their children to high school. The Project Lucas High School Scholarship Program partners with families to assist high school students in obtaining a quality education.  This is another way individuals that partner with Project Lucas can help teenagers feel, see and touch the gospel, therefore giving them the tools to escape poverty. If you would be willing to help change a teenager’s life, you can find individual information about the students on the right side of this page. Students not only are able to attend High School, they also go to camp with a local church, participate in youth groups, enroll in life skill classes, Bible Studies and many other programs offered by Project Lucas. CURRENTLY WE DON'T HAVE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS READY FOR HIGH SCHOOL SPONSORSHIP,BUT WE CAN ADD YOU TO THE WAITING LIST. Click here if you are interested .

Sponsor a High School Student


How much does it cost to sponsor a student in the High School Scholarship Program?

The cost is $50 dollars a month. This helps provide tuition and school supplies for your student. Project Lucas partners with the family of the student, and they provide transportation and books that are needed for their student.

Do the students need to maintain a certain grade point average?

Yes, all students must maintain a B average or better to continue in the Project Lucas Scholarship Program.

How long does the program last?

We ask that each sponsor commit to a monthly donation of $50 a month for four years of high school.

What happens after a student graduates high school?

After students graduate, many start businesses, go to trade school or attend a college or university. Though they are no longer a part of the Project Lucas program, our staff continues to guide and direct them in opportunities for months and even years following high school.

We are a Christian non-profit organization. Our purpose is to help children and families in Kenya that live in extreme poverty to see, feel, and hear the Gospel while equipping them to escape poverty. Project Lucas is governed by a board of trustees that oversees the use of our resources and work. All donations are tax deductible. Project Lucas is a registered 501(c)3 organization.